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It's release day and I'm exhausted. I've had a headache for the past couple of days, though it seems to be fading now (crossing my fingers on that one) and I leave today for the RWA conference in San Antonio. Such bad timing because I've had no time to do anything with that stupid headache. Also, I've completely broken out which just great when I have to be around people later today. Yay fun.

Now that all of that is out of the way, my short story, Eight Seconds is out today. It's also included in the Rode Hard Anthology. This is my rodeo short story that makes me giggle every time I read it. I hope you enjoy it like that as well. The cover is also something pretty to look at.

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See. Very nice to look at. I can't be around for my release day because as I said, I leave today for San Antonio. I hope to learn some writerly things for my romance stories. I also hope to network, but talking to people is hard and scary so we'll see. If anything, at least I will get to say that I met Eloisa James!

I will blog about RWA when I get back from San Antonio. Hopefully I'll have at least one interesting thing to tell you all. In the meantime, enjoy my new short story! Or, if you'd like, Torquere has my first short story, The Wolf in the Woods on sale. Enjoy!


Apr. 28th, 2014 11:36 am
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Torquere had an open call for a cowboy/cowgirl anthology, so I submitted a rodeo story and they accepted it! It's called Eight Seconds and should be out this July.

I love the rodeo and a couple of years back, I really wanted to write a Dean/Castiel (Supernatural) rodeo AU where Dean was the rodeo clown and Cas was the bull rider. I have so many issues with that show though so I've kind of fallen out of writing fic for it. After attending the rodeo back in March, I decided that I really wanted to write an original story based on it. One day I will write something longer for the rodeo, but for now, I really love the short story I wrote.

One of my guys is a bull rider and the other is a bull fighter. This story makes me giggle. Seriously. Anytime I think about it, read it through, revise it, edit it, it just makes me giggle. It's a silly story and I hope it makes you guys giggle as well.


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