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January went a lot better than I anticipated. Sure, there were some bad days, there was some allergies, and there was some death. And that was horrible. I always find out about celebrity deaths on twitter, but I refused to believe twitter when it told me Alan Rickman was dead. Refused. So I looked it up and of course it is true and I'm so sad :(

Anyway. I started writing again. Not original stuff. I'm taking a break from that. I mean, if I get the urge to work on it at some point this year then I will, but right now I have no interest in it. I understand that writing is work. But even when it feels like work, it's still work I enjoy. Right now the original stuff feels like a burden. So I am working on my fanfic. And I've been enjoying it. In particular, I've been working on my Wesley/Riker stuff. And that has been amazing. I even posted a fic that's been sitting on my computer for ages. Here it is. I have others on my computer that I plan on getting up this year. And I'm working on my huge Wesley/Riker project. And some other Wesley/Riker stuff. It's the year of Wesley/Riker. Yay! I managed 6,216 words this month. That feels good.

I started reading again too. Well, I was. Then I read this one book that has kind of turned me off of reading again, but before that book happened, I was reading. The Whyborne & Griffin series was fantastic. Paranormal + historical + mystery + m/m romance = perfection! I also read Mary-Louise Parker's Dear Mr. You which was fabulous. I also got to meet her!

I've still managed to keep up with my knitting, which has been nice. It still makes me happy. I tried playing my violin earlier in the month. I haven't picked it up in over ten years and I'm terrible. I'm also uninterested in it at the moment. I think I'd rather focus on my writing and reading as the things to do this year other than knitting.

In other news, I had to say goodbye to the car I've had for fourteen and a half years. So sad :( It was at that point where the repairs weren't worth it.

I think that's all for this month. Let's hope February goes at least as well.

Oh. I was going to add pictures to this but thanks to allergies I don't have my contact in and can't see what I'm doing so here's my instagram instead. Most of my knitting gets posted there. The book events I attend. Kitties. Some reading.
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